Saturday, May 5, 2007

No, Really! This is What He Said!

Second and third grade children playing baseball is really a sight not to be missed. Much more exciting to my mind than professional ball. When a 7-year old catches a fly-pop? I don't care how jaded you think you are, you WILL jump up and shout! A big part of WHY you will do this is that it will happen perhaps once per game. It is AN EVENT!

And, anyhow: what is not to like about a sport where games end with scores like 18-15? Where there is almost no such thing as striking out? Where the star of the team hits a homer because the opposing side commits three consecutive errors? This is THRILLING STUFF!

We headed on over to the snack shack post glorious victory to get a celebratory tootsie pop.

"You know what part I like best about baseball?" the boy asked me.

"The fabulously good-looking and yet supportive fan base?" I ventured.

(eye-roll coupled with a giggle) "No. The part at the end when the team huddles together and shouts out, 'Go Bulls!'" (the team name). The boy nodded then. "That part makes me feel happy and confident."

(just me makin sure) "That's your favorite part, huh. What do you mean when you say confident?"

"Proud," the boy replied. "Proud to be a part of something."

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