Sunday, October 4, 2009

Transitioning Back into Public School

In the past week, Boy the Second has come home most days with a new "how I horrified my teacher today" tale to share...

You know, I was talking to my teacher and SHE SAYS that it was against the law for dad to let me drive the car around in the old Home Depot parking lot...


You know what MY TEACHER SAID? She said that I'm not allowed to sell my toys at lunch time to the other kids, and she made me give back the money I got for my Pokemon pencil sharpener. I was a fair deal and the other kid seemed really happy with the sharpener. I'm not sure what she was so upset about...

So I asked my teacher if she thought that (can I say it? the 'h' word?) hell was the worst curse word in existence, because I didn't think it was but some of the other kids were thinking that it WAS THE WORST CURSE WORD IN EXISTENCE...because I'm thinking that the three 'D' words are at least as bad...

"Waitaminnit," says the husband, looking to me for confirmation. There are three 'D' words?

"Um?" I reply helpfully.

"Well, there's, damn," the firstborn offers helpfully. "And you know, THE GUY ONE..."

"Do you need me to say it?" Boy II offers.

"No, no, we get it," their dad and I say quickly.


"Well, the one that ends in -bag," Son II explains.

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight," I nod. "Please. PLEASE TELL ME that you DID NOT USE THIS WORD IN FRONT OF YOUR TEACHER."

"No, just hell. She says that her kids are 23 and 19 and THEY don't use that word. Do you think that's true?"

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